Audi driving experience 28.09.2015

With built-in Petri+Lehr driving aids.

Audi driving experience 2015

People with physical disabilities were invited to the new‚ Driving experience center’ main factory to undergo driver safety training. Six of the ten participants found out about the unique, free Audi event via the invitation on the Petri+Lehr web page – so reading our Blog pays dividends!

In addition to the theoretical instruction the emphasis was very clearly on the practical driving pleasure. Evasive maneuvers, steering maneuvers and adjusting one speed to the situation were practiced under the guidance of instructors experienced in motorsports.
In addition to the Petri+Lehr variants with accelerator pedal on the left , participants also experienced driving with the MFD TOUCH on the steering wheel and the Multima®3 hand control.

Everyone's biggest challenge: confidence in the vehicle and in one's own ability to steer safely even at high speed. The resulting training: the right interaction at the right moment.
The grand finale was a lap of the 2.2 km long handling course with the fascinating realization of the tangible, visible and measurable improvement of one's own driving ability. A fantastic event!

Jörg Federer, who took part in the driver training for Petri+Lehr, was sprung a surprise by Bernhard Karl (Audi sales to special customers) with a very special highlight during the lunch break: hot foot from the IAA all of a sudden there was the new A4 with built-in MFD TOUCH on the track!

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A big thank you to Audi!