Offenbach-Post visits Petri+Lehr

At home in the region for over 113 years


The Offenbach-Post is an important contemporary witness for Petri+Lehr. The region's most important daily newspaper is frequently publishing reports on the company. In 1952, this also included a long report on the innovation of the first folding wheelchair. The original of this newspaper report is still in our archive today. We are therefore particularly delighted that Offenbach-Post business editor Achim Lederle and photographer Matthias Towae visited us and expressed great interest in our products and modifications. The title of the off-line and on-line report dated 05.03.2015 could not be more applicable to Petri+Lehr:

The focus is on people.

Mobility in any case: Dietzenbach company Petri+Lehr converts vehicles / successful new start.

Full article in the Offenbach-Post