Helpful convenience products

Small helpers for daily driving pleasure.


Auxiliary heater with remote control

This clever aid enables all-round visibility thanks to completely ice-free windows. You always have a clear view without ice scraping and never have to cold-start again (gentle on the engine).

Now also with Thermo Call:
Wherever you currently are, you can switch your auxiliary heater on or off using Thermo Call, irrespective of range. Simply by calling, with an SMS or now also with an app. Innovation in perfection. Can also be retrofitted for the majority of factory-fitted Webasto auxiliary heaters.


Electric hatch opener

Easier opening and closing of the tailgate and sliding doors on station wagons. Electro-pneumatically at the push of a button or with remote control, the Autoadapt door opener genuinely makes life easier when loading and unloading.

Fahrhilfe, Einstieghilfe

Transfer board

The practical "transfer board" entry aid is securely installed between the door and seat. When required, it is simply folded out, and the driver or passenger can easily enter the vehicle via the board and also exit it again with the same ease.


Handy bar

This mobile standing aid is a multifunction accessory for increased mobility and safety, and makes entering and exiting easier. The handy bar also offers the safety functions of an emergency hammer and a seat belt cutter. The handy bar is simply inserted into the U-shaped door latch and secured.