Driving aid finishing

Inclusion in leather. A look over the workshop's shoulder:

Sensuous touch

For a number of years, we have been beautifying various driving aids for persons with physical limitations along with our partner Weinbrenner. Whether the Multima® Hand Control or the MFD (multi-function steering knob), we visually harmonize necessary additional devices with the vehicle interior.
Multima®2 in carbon look, making acceleration even faster.

Multima®2 exklusiv
Fig. 6: Multima®2 in carbon look


The MFD TOUCH (multi-function steering knob) is the industry's highlight and impresses with outstanding technology which facilitates steering with simultaneous operation of secondary functions. Covered in leather, the MFD TOUCH is a tactile joy and a real inclusion in the vehicle interior: Driving aid and steering wheel become one.

Mobility in any case.

MFD TOUCH beledern, Zuschnitt
Fig. 1: Leather trimming
MFD TOUCH beledern, über Form ziehen
Fig. 2: Heating of leather and "ironing"
MFD TOUCH beledern, zwei Teile
Fig. 4: Assembly of both leather-covered parts
MFD TOUCH beledern, mit Falzbeil Kontur nachziehen
Fig.3: Working of contours with fold marker
MFD TOUCH beledern, Qualitätskontrolle
Fig. 5: Quality control