Entry aids

For easy entry and exiting

slider Sitzkonsole


The slider is a driver seat bracket for people carriers which enables you to move from a wheelchair to the driver seat. The seat can be pushed back to behind the B-pillar and the wheelchair positioned directly next to the seat. The slider is a purely mechanical construction but is very easy to operate and optionally available with a turning function for the seat.

6-Wege Konsole

6-way base

6 electric functions make moving from a wheelchair to the driver seat easier. Forwards, backwards, up and down movements and the turning movement are controlled with buttons directly on the seat.

Focus was placed on driver safety during development of the Autoadapt 6-way base. The same safety standards for sitting safely and comfortably shall, of course, also apply to wheelchair users. The Autoadapt 6-way base has been crash-tested according to European and international vehicle standards. The vehicle's original seat belt is used when seated on the driver seat. The ingenious design prevents swaying movements and ensures safe seating.

Suitable for the driver and passenger side.

6-Wege Konsole

HANDY BAR - the mobile standing aid

The mobile standing-up aid: the multifunction accessory for increased mobility and safety. The handy bar makes entering and exiting easier. It also offers the safety functions of an emergency hammer and a seat belt cutter. The handy bar is simply inserted into the U-shaped door latch and secured.

Suitable for the driver and passenger side.

Fahrhilfe, Einstieghilfe

Transfer board

It couldn't be simpler. This entry aid is securely installed between the door and seat, and is simply folded out when required.

Suitable for the driver and passenger side.