Petri+Lehr Hand Controls

Simple modifications through relocation

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BG hand control left _ with linkage*

This device is fastened beneath the steering column. The accelerator and brake pedals are connected through a pull-push linkage which is operated with the left hand. Braking is carried out by pushing forwards. The hand grip on the steering wheel is pulled to accelerate. The original pedals are completely retained for drivers without limited mobility.

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Hand control RIGHT*

With this device, the brake is operated by pushing the brake lever. Acceleration is carried out by turning the hand grip, as on a motorcycle.
The device is available with and without foot brake locking. The foot brake can be locked with an additional button. The original pedals are completely retained for drivers without limited mobility.

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Petri+Lehr Pedalabdeckung

Pedal guard _ large*

This pedal guard has been developed for the accelerator and brake pedals, and can be removed at any time so that standard operation is not affected.
A pedal guard is recommended for all hand controls for the accelerator and brake to ensure that your vehicle obtains TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) certification without problems.

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PEri+Lehr Bremspedalverbreiterung

Wider brake pedal

The broad pedal plate makes it easier to reposition the foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal. The plate is supplied without holes so that its position can be individually adapted to suit the driver.

The wider brake pedal is also an improvement for drivers without handicaps. Size 1: 65 x 100 mm and size 2: 75 x 120 mm
Please note the spatial conditions and the spacing of the original pedals.


Handbremslösevorrichtung, fahrhilfen, fahrzeugumrüstung, produktentwicklung

Handbrake adoption

This device enables safe and simple operation of the handbrake when the function of the right hand is limited or reduced. If the hand no longer functions at all, the releasing and locking device can also be actuated with the lower arm.


Handbremse mit fuss fest gezogen, fahrhilfen, fahrzeugumrüstung, produktentwicklung

Foot parking brake adaption

This operating aid is intended for installation in vehicles in which the parking brake is operated with the left foot. The brake can be released and locked with the hand using an actuation lever. The mechanism that is used ensures that the actuation lever does not impede entering or exiting the vehicle in either released or locked condition.




The Carobrake is an electric handbrake with which the original handbrake is operated by pushing a button. In this system, the handbrake is applied with a force of 1700 N using a motor installed in or beneath the vehicle.
Stroke length 50 mm, cable length 700 mm.


* Vehicles without clutch pedal only