Medicinal seating

Perfect adaptation for individualists. A look over the workshop's shoulder:

1_Medizinisches Sitzen
Fig. 1: Produce template on seat base
2_Medizinisches Sitzen
Fig. 2: Cut out template
3_Medizinisches Sitzen
Fig. 3: Measure side bolster angle
4_Medizinisches Sitzen
Fig. 4: Adapt foam material
5_ Medizinisches Sitzen
Fig. 5: Produce padding (without cover material)
6_ Medizinisches Sitzen
Fig. 6: Initial seat adjustment with customer; transfer for test drive


Some people require very special seats for driving due to physical or health reasons. As necessary, we adapt the seat and backrest padding for your optimal seating comfort or use plaster molds of your body as templates. In both cases, trial sitting spanning several days is undertaken before we upholster the final result according to your wishes. Incidentally, this is also the perfect solution for more painless travel for persons with vertebral disk problems who are on the road for long periods.

Your well-being is very important to us.