The brand-new Multima®PRO handcontrol

slimmer, nicer, faster - more functions and improved operation

Multima®PRO Handbediengerät_Gas


The Multima®PRO handcontrol by Petri+Lehr offers wheelchair users many long-awaited benefits: The extremely narrow device allows more space in the footwell and enables driver's seat adjustment to the frontal endposition - compatible for vehicle-use by different people with or without physical disability.

Mobility in any case.

Multima®PRO Handbediengerät Bremsen


After nearly two years of development in close collaboration with engineers and our designer, the new driving aid has already been tested for over 5.000 km. Everything for your safety. The sophisticated construction of the Multima®PRO offers additional advantages for the Petri+Lehr installation partners.

An ideal supplement to the new Multima®PRO handcontrol is the MFD TOUCH by Petri+Lehr. Now you drive not only safe, but also extremely elegant!

Multima®PRO Handbediengerät Einbausituation


The Multima®PRO handcontrol is a driving aid to drive a vehicle in traffic, without the use of legs. By pulling the operating lever you accelerate the car, by pressing forward you activate the brakes. Slight pressure on the locking knob sets the brake on, e.g. for stops at the traffic lights, another slight pressure forward releases the brake-lock.

Ease of quickness.

Multima®PRO Handbediengerät

Technical Specifications of Multima®PRO

  • Very slim design
  • Maximum space in the footwell
  • Maximum seat-adjustment forward
  • Minimum width and depth
  • Automotive design
  • Very easy gas operation by use of the primary arm-muscle
  • Very lightweight braking operation through optimized power transmission
  • Mechanics completely in stainless steel
  • Cover without visible screw
  • Individual finish
  • Ergonomically natural range of motion
  • Individual adjustment in height, position and inclination
  • Pre-assembled for a secure installation
  • Without adjustment of the gas pushrod
  • Quick and easy conversion to other types of vehicles
  • Easy and residue-free removal

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* only vehicles without a clutch pedal