Swivel seats

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Schwenksitz Turnout, behindertengerechte Fahrzeugumrüstung

The swivel seat

The Turnout from Autoadapt is a rotating swivel seat for the passenger side, and can also be installed on the driver side in certain vehicle models. Depending on vehicle, it can be turned by up to 90º on the passenger side and up to 70º on the driver side. The Turnout can be equipped with a mechanical or electric advance and turning facility. Whether you are a senior or a wheelchair user, this makes entering your vehicle simplicity itself.

The original seat cannot usually be used. A 2-door vehicle offers a larger door aperture for optimal installation.

  • Manual or electric swiveling
  • Simple operation in an emergency
  • EMC and crash-tested
  • CE marking
  • 100% removal possible
Schwenksitz Turny EVO


Space in the vehicle can be put to optimal use thanks to Autoadapt's individual programming of the Turny Evo's movement. Besides its rotary movement, the Turny Evo can also lower to a pleasant transfer height outside of the vehicle. The Turny Evo fits in a wider selection of vehicle models than the previous versions, and even without extending the door angle in many cases. A variant for the driver side is available for certain vehicle models.

The complete entering or exiting movement process requires no more than pushing a button on the remote control.

  • For even more models than previous versions
  • Adaptable movement control
  • Advanced trapping protection
  • Backrest infinitely tilting
  • Electric, horizontal seat movement in the vehicle
  • Remote control with display for important status information
  • Simple emergency functions
  • EMC and crash-tested
  • CE marking
Schwenksitz Carony, behindertengerechte Fahrzeugumrüstung


The solution that enables wheelchair users to transfer into the vehicle entirely without standing or lifting. The car seat transformed into a wheelchair has been one of Autoadapt's showcase models for nearly 30 years. The escort swivels the seat with the passenger out of the vehicle using the remote control and docks the Carony chassis. The entire seat then slides onto the chassis, forming a wheelchair. The vehicle is entered in the same manner – in the reverse order.

  • Entering and exiting while seated
  • Can be used as a normal, comfortable wheelchair
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Carony Classic with 12" or 24" rear wheels
  • Carony Go with electric wheelchair chassis
  • Carony Go approved as a medical product
  • Crash-tested
  • Certified to ISO 7176 and ISO 10542
  • Fire-resistant seats
  • CE marking