Wheelchair loading systems

Petri+Lehr is an Autoadapt 'Gold Dealer' and partner of EDAG and Rausch Technik

Rohlstuhl-Ladehilfe, individuelle Fahrzeugumrüstung

EDAG wheelchair loading aid

A user-friendly system enabling you to load your folding wheelchair fully automatically and safely behind the driver seat to save space in the vehicle. Reliable and compact, the appearance of your vehicle remains unchanged. From entering to setting off in around 35 seconds!

The EDAG wheelchair loading aid has been on the market as a recognized aid since 1989 and has been available for the most common 4-door car models since then.

Quality assurance is given top priority at EDAG. This enables us to offer you a reliable and sturdy system to accompany you through your day.

This has been confirmed through tests conducted by TÜV / DEKRA (German Techical Inspection Agencies). The EDAG loading aid has also been technically tested and recommended for installation by VW, Opel, Skoda and Renault.

Rollstuhlverladehilfe Ladeboy S2, Fahrzeugumrüstung

Ladeboy S2

Fast and comfortable, an easily operated wheelchair loading system for drivers.

A simple push on a button suffices to open the automatic hinged or sliding door. After transferring to the driver seat and collapsing the wheelchair, it is locked in the Ladeboy S2 via remote control and drawn into the vehicle. The door closes again and you are ready to head off.

The reinforced version, the Ladeboy S2 Maximum (up to 38 kg), is available for electric wheelchairs such as e-fix and e-motion. A special design is capable of carrying up to 50 kg.

The Rausch Ladeboy S2 is suitable for installing in almost all vehicles with at least 4 doors.

Rollstuhlladehilfe, Ladeboy, Fahrzeugumrüstung


With this variant, the wheelchair is drawn into the trunk. Loading and unloading without bending, lifting or other physical exertion. Simple and fast, universally usable for folding wheelchairs (up to 20 kg) and folding electric wheelchairs up to a weight of 50 kg (e.g. e-fix, e-motion) and on a high number of vehicle models. If the trunk is required for other purposes, the Rausch Technik loading aid can be removed in just a few minutes thanks to quick-action locks.
No entry in the vehicle documents is necessary.
Ideal for escorts and wheelchair users with residual walking capability.

Rollstuhlverladesystem Carolift 40, behindertengerechte Fahrzeugumrüstung

Carolift 40 / Carolift 90 / Carolift 140

Loading the wheelchair into the trunk using a hoist for drivers or passengers.

The joint integrated into the hoist arm enables the wheelchair to be loaded into small trunk openings, past wheel arches, or from the curb from the side. Raising and lowering are performed electrically, while the hoist is turned manually. The Carolift 40 from Autoadapt has a max. carrying capacity of 40 kg.

The rigid but folding wheelchair hoists Carolift 90 and Carolift 140 can carry weights of up to 90 kg and 140 kg. Raising, lowering and turning are controlled electrically in these systems.

Rollstuhlverladesystem Carolift 6000/6900, behindertengerechte Fahrzeugumrüstung

Carolift 6000 / 6900

Loading heavy electric wheelchairs or scooters is often difficult. This wheelchair lifter from Autoadapt can be used for weights of 150 kg to 200 kg. Special mountings for the Carolift are attached to the wheelchair. The wheelchair or scooter is raised by remote control, the hoist arm is swiveled mechanically into the vehicle and the wheelchair is set down.

Rollstuhlverladesystem Joey Lift, behindertengerechte Fahrzeugumrüstung

Joey lift

Drive the electric wheelchair or scooter onto the platform, strap it down, press the button - done. Loading a wheelchair is simplicity itself. The Joey lift has a carrying capacity of 159 kg and is crash-tested. It offers manual emergency operation and an obstacle sensor which protects against damage or injury.