Lift systems and passenger transport

Passenger transport with the wheelchair in the vehicle

Kraftknoten Rollstuhlsicherung

Cassette lift K90, K90 Active, K90 Active Plus

Combined with an electric sliding door on the vehicle (e.g. on a minibus), the cassette lift can be moved out using a remote control, enabling the wheelchair user to use the lift without difficulties.

This even functions perfectly when a large electric wheelchair is used, because the lifter is sufficiently wide and has a carrying capacity of 350 kg. The vehicle can be entered from the side, and also from the rear in certain cases.

Whether driver or passenger, a cassette lift enables a wheelchair user to enter a people carrier without obstructing its interior. The K90 lifts are installed beneath the vehicle to save space. Various platform sizes and carrying capacities enable selection depending on your needs. In combination with special seat brackets and driving aids, active driver concepts that cannot be implemented in passenger cars are also possible, enabling persons to drive themselves. And there is still plenty of room for family and hobby equipment.



The power node system is mounted directly on the wheelchair and guarantees quick and secure fastening in vehicles used to transport wheelchair users.

The power nodes offer the wheelchair design crucial stability in the event of rear-end impacts, and incorrectly fastening the wheelchair in the vehicle is out of the question. The power node system includes a lap belt; together with the tensioning retractors and the diagonal belt, this secures the wheelchair user anatomically correctly to the floor of the vehicle.

The power node system consists of two rear and two front power node points, each with a standardized latch plate for the tensioning retractor or loop belt. The securely installed and length-adjustable lap belt with integrated latch plate for the diagonal belt is a fixed part of the power node system.