Design for the future of mobility

Petri+Lehr and designer Sybs Bauer.

by Johanna Renate Wöhlke

Design und Mobililtät

When pioneering spirit and design spirit come together and combine a 113 year old company history with the modern ideas of a designer like Sybs Bauer, then innovation is in competent hands. In the case of Petri+Lehr – 113 years of service for the mobility of persons with physical disabilities – and Sybs Bauer, the "MFD TOUCH" Multi-Function Steering Knob for steering automobiles has been proof of this since March 2014. Overcoming fate with technical aids, what an increase in quality of life! What a success for the product – even before being launched onto the market in the spring of 2014, it was included in the Mercedes-Benz product range.

Styling consumer goods and durable goods, visualizing the essence of companies, that is the task of designers. Thereby styling the world and simultaneously contributing towards helping people – a perfect combination of interests for Sybs Bauer: she is concerned with contents and with giving shape to their values and emotions; in products which help others to structure their lives with dignity. Because of this, uncompromising insistence is constantly accompanied by what the designer calls "aesthetic function with soul", whose visions she is not willing to renounce.

The cooperation between Petri+Lehr and Sybs Bauer moves along the innovative path from industrial design to design art based on this attitude, which it would not be inappropriate to term professional ethics. Something that entirely suited to the multifaceted design art of Sybs Bauer, who has chosen to reside in Hamburg.

Her extraordinary concepts are characterized by holistically clear design strategies. Her international experience as a teacher, a committed speaker and juror not only shows that Sybs Bauer is highly qualified in her métier but also reveal her to be an eternal pioneer of products and design strategies that aim to combine craftsmanship and design for the positive goal of increased quality of life. In Petri+Lehr's case, this means that when the character and authenticity of a product are not only able to thrill its inventors but also its users, the new slogan hits the nail precisely on the head both for today and the future: "Mobility in any case". The fruitful connection between pioneering spirit and design spirit becomes evident.

This fruitful connection is also revealed in the new communication concept that Sybs Bauer has developed for Petri+Lehr: new thrust, redesigned logo, new catalog and trade fair look. What has been in existence for 113 years and is now to be brought "into the light" in accordance with the company's philosophy in a constantly changing media world and attention culture. This is how history, wonderful, old patents and the essence of Petri+Lehr are being presented in a new, clear image. The designer also reveals where her focuses lie and what is to be expected of her work in this regard: getting to the essential core of things, bringing them into the world so that it is clear at all levels what core objective will characterize the future of Petri+Lehr and has always characterized it – in a nutshell: Mobility in any case!