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Audi driving experience 2015
Wo will be faster?

The day was a very special experience for all those attending the Audi Driving experience center in Neuburg on the Danube. Our motorsport fans came here at their own expense and immediately felt at home!

The theoretical element of driver training for the physically handicapped took place in the customer center surrounded by the latest Audi models. And the 30,000 square meter floodable vehicle dynamics test area provided adequate room for every practical safety exercise. Very realistic conditions enabling one's own abilities to be put to the test and honed.
The drivers were of course also trained in the use of the built-in Petri+Lehr driving aids. In addition to the Petri+Lehr variants with accelerator pedal on the left these aids also included the MFD TOUCH on the steering wheel and on the Multima®3 hand control.

Top-notch driver safety training!

Audi driving experience 2015
Training on the Petri+Lehr MFD TOUCH
Audi driving experience 2015
Knowledgeable discussions between motorsport fans
Audi driving experience 2015
Final tips before the off
Audi driving experience center
Customer Center with the latest Audi models
Audi driving experience 2015
A special day for all those involved