handicap 1.1/2015

Great articles about Petri+Lehr and one of Petri+Lehr's partner companies


In the current issue of 'HANDICAP', author Steffen Schüngel writes enthusiastically about the MFD TOUCH from Petri+Lehr, which he found in a Mercedes GLA during his test drive: ".... Just in terms of optical appearance, previous models and the new MFD Touch are worlds apart. .... The MFD Touch looks impressively modern and elegant. But the new system is also in a league of its own in technical terms ..."

And a few pages further on, Petri+Lehr's new stand is also praised in a review of the REHACARE: "at the trade fair stand, it was not only driving aids such as the new MFD TOUCH that spoke their own, self-confident language but also the trade fair stand itself, designed completely in black. ..."

We're delighted, since this confirms our goal and our chosen path! Thank you.

We also think the article about our premium partner FeLiTEC is great. Having just attended our MFD TOUCH AIS training course, owner Felix Liehr and his team are justifiably in the limelight. Congratulations!