On the road with the Mainhattan Ice Wheelers

An individual vehicle modification for Martin Schlitt

Petri+Lehr für Martin Schlitt

Martin Schlitt loves precision, the feel of playing and tactical understanding. These are the requirements for his highly complex sport, wheelchair curling. As the initiator of the 'Mainhattan Ice Wheelers' in 2010, he now plays in the German national squad. On the many journeys to games, his wife always travels along as a team coach.

As so many times before, he found precision and technical understanding for his individual automotive needs at Petri+Lehr. His VW T5 was tailored precisely to him within around 6 weeks: the wheelchair user's heart is filled with joy. Driving is made easier through an MFD TOUCH on the steering wheel and an individually adapted Multima®1 in combination with a large pedal guard. To ensure Martin Schlitt's comfort, a 6-way transfer base in combination with a specially adapted RECARO Expert M was fitted on the driver side, and on the passenger side in combination with the original seat with a shortened bracket to leave sufficient space for entering the vehicle with the wheelchair from the side. An additional seat was installed in the rear of the vehicle.

The mechanical handbrake was replaced with an electric one; the vehicle battery and part of the vehicle electrical system were relocated to the rear area of the T5. The original rubber flooring in the vehicle's interior was removed for optimized freedom. The vehicle floor is now a robust wood design! A cassette lift enables the vehicle to be entered comfortably from the side with a wheelchair. As a result of this, the exhaust system was modified and a new fuel tank installed.

Is the vehicle still a VW or now a Petri+Lehr?