IRMA 2015 at 'Schuppen 52' in Hamburg

from May 29 to 31, 2015 in Hamburg's harbor area

irma 2015

The international rehabilitation, travel and mobility trade fair for all is taking place for the fourth time under the umbrella of escales-Verlag (Rollstuhl-Kurier). The location is new: 'Schuppen 52', a classic, listed dockside storage shed from the imperial era, entices visitors to the heart of Hamburg's harbor district. A breathtaking view across the Elbe of Hamburg's urban panorama and maritime flair are included.
Traveling there will be made easy for wheelchair users: the railway mission at Hamburg's main station will be on hand to help and an accessible, free shuttle service has also been set up. Further information is available on the IRMA homepage.

Our premium partner from the north, Kowski Handicar, will also be in attendance. Information on all important Petri+Lehr products will be available here. At the IRMA, Petri+Lehr's premium partner 'Handicar' will be focusing on passenger transport for children with limited mobility.