Petri+Lehr at the REHAB

23.04. – 25.04.2015, Halle 2 | H21/I20 in Karlsruhe

REHAB 2015

REHAB 2015 is the 18th international specialist trade fair for rehabilitation, therapy and prevention in Karlsruhe. This year's highlight is that the opening ceremony will be presented by Raúl Krauthausen, who will be reading from his latest book, "Dachdecker wollte ich eh nicht werden: Das Leben aus der Rollstuhlperspektive" (January 2014, rowohlt-Verlag), in the culture bistro. That promises to be exciting, since the activist is very humorous. His stance that practical things should also be attractive (see interview) has long since been put into practice in Petri+Lehr's products.

Petri+Lehr will be showing a Volkswagen Caddy with all functional equipment for people with physical limitations. For active drivers, this vehicle is fitted with the Multima2 with adaptation for the MFD1, MFD2 and MFD TOUCH multi-function steering knobs, a removable steering wheel turning knob, a complete guard for pedals and the transfer board. For passengers, the Milford passenger lift is fitted on the passenger side and the Olympian 150 wheelchair loading system in the trunk. The latter is also suitable for heavy electric wheelchairs. The tailgate can be opened and closed automatically by remote control with the pneumatic hatch opener.

Jörg Federer, site manager, and Hans Widmann, customer advisor, will be explaining and demonstrating the Petri+Lehr products and modification options.

Mobility in any case.