Steering wheel turning knob/MFD (Multi-Function Steering Knob) bracket

The Mercedes factory solution.

MFD TOUCH Halterung

With immediate effect, the Mercedes factory solution is available from Petri+Lehr for the current Mercedes-Benz models. This means that Petri+Lehr customers can retrofit their steering wheel turning knob or their multi-function steering knob with the special bracket, which is otherwise only available directly from the factory on purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz, or can accordingly select it when purchasing a new vehicle.

This special bracket is mounted directly on the steering wheel. The steering wheel clamps / half shells on the steering wheel rim are omitted. A very elegant solution that integrates the Petri+Lehr driving aid even more into the steering wheel and the vehicle's interior.

This can be clearly seen in our title picture with the MFD TOUCH.