Island Experience 2011

Island experience 2011

In 2011, Petri+Lehr caused a sensation with its 'Island Experience'. Dreamed up and headed by Jörg Federer, our current authorized signatory, seven drivers with physical disabilities experienced Iceland off-road for the first time in five specially converted VW Touareg vehicles for five days. Accompanied by Petri+Lehr staff, a dedicated film team and cooperation partners Volkswagen and the German Wheelchair Association, each of the 245 hp vehicles covered over 500 km over rough terrain. Since then, the Petri+Lehr film by Daniel Damrau has been part of Volkswagen's sales training.

"What previously appeared impossible is now suddenly possible" said participant Klaus Droste, a thrilled Iceland event participant. The special team spirit that emerged during these few days is still present. The journey gave Barbara Sima new, unknown self-confidence and pleasure in slightly alternative driving. An adventure experience in complete safety, and all amidst breathtakingly beautiful and extraordinary nature.

A project that is still talked about a great deal today!

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