Petri+Lehr at the REHACARE 2014

24.09.2014 to 27.09.2014 in Düsseldorf

Petri+Lehr, REHACARE 2014, Messeabend mit Andi Kapfinger, Moderation Abdulgazi Karaman
Trade fair evening at Petri+Lehr, from left to right: Dr. Andreas Kehrel (standing), Jörg Federer, Jens van Bürk, Abdulgazi Karaman, Andi Kapfinger

Celebrations were held on the Friday. There was sufficient reason: 113 years of Petri+Lehr for self-determined mobility for persons with physical limitations. The scene congregated at Petri+Lehr. One celebrity guest was none other than 37 year old professional sportsman Andi Kapfinger, who is marking his debut in motor racing in a BMW M235i Racing with Petri+Lehr at his side: "NEXT CHALLENGE. Andi Kapfinger powered by Petri+Lehr."After the discussion, guests enjoyed 113 years of Hessian culinary tradition: Ebbelwoi (apple wine) and Handkäs (specialty cheese).

Abdulgazi Karaman, one of the seven participants in Petri+Lehr's last major event, the Iceland Experience 2011, acted as presenter throughout the evening.

Petri+Lehr, REHACARE 2014, Ottobock, Messeabend mit Andi Kapfinger
Philipp Hoefer, Ottobock
Petri+Lehr, REHACARE 2014, Mercedes Benz, Messeabend mit Andi Kapfinger
Wolfgang Watzlawik, Mercedes-Benz
Petri+Lehr, REHACARE 2014, Roman Pott, Messeabend mit Andi Kapfinger
Roman Pott
Andi Kapfinger, Rennsport, Sponsoring, individuelle Fahrzeugumrüstung
Abdulgazi Karaman, Profisportler, Petri+Lehr Island Experience 2011
Petri+Lehr, REHACARE 2014, Messeabend mit Andi Kapfinger, Moderation Abdulgazi Karaman
Trade fair event
Petri+Lehr, REHACARE 2014, Energy drink von Petri+Lehr, Messestand, Neuer Auftritt
Petri+Lehr power
Petri+Lehr Mitarbeiter
Petri+Lehr staff
Petri+Lehr Rehacare 2014

Petri+Lehr is reflecting on its own roots and reinventing itself. 113 years of tradition and lots of automotive experience. These 113 years of expertise in the field of mobility for persons with physical disabilities are revealed in each product and each individual modification. It is a history full of patents. This includes the worldwide patent for the first folding wheelchair developed by Gerd Schladebach in 1952. Some, from today's perspective curious, Petri+Lehr 'ambulance vehicles' from the past can be found in museums, e.g. the 'ErfinderZeiten' in Schramberg and 'Vehikelsammlung Bert Grimmer' in Eppelheim.

The holistic design of the new presence by Hamburg's designkunst agency precisely reflects Petri+Lehr's essence: the traditional company, the developer and producer of innovative driving aids for active drivers and the modification company for individual vehicle modifications for all requirements and vehicle models in Dietzenbach/Frankfurt. And, just as it was 113 years ago, focus is placed on the self-determined mobility of each individual with personal wishes and needs:

Mobility in any case.

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