Petri+Lehr becomes part of Kehrel AG

Petri+Lehr has been part of Kehrel AG since 01.12.2013


Since 01.12.2013, Petri+Lehr has been part of Kehrel AG, which also owns Starz GmbH Elektrotechnik-Electronic, Petri+Lehr's long-term supplier and technology partner for the development and production of vehicle electrical systems plus customer-specific hardware and software solutions, and Petri+Lehr's long-standing partner Weinbrenner, another traditional Frankfurt-based craft workshop, renowned for restoring classic cars, exclusive leather adaptations, individual seats and lifestyle upholstery. Since 2015, Lausitz Karosse has been rounding off the vehicle modification and classic car restoration program with its expert body building craftsmanship.
Kehrel AG was founded in 1999 by engineer Dr. Andreas Kehrel after several years of self-employment as a project manager and management consultant.