Customer comments

Who better to talk about us than our customers?

"… the company's philosophy is very good; observing the UN CRPD (keyword: "participation"), the company offers very competent and specific advice for all persons with limited mobility …"

Hessian education administration disabled person representations (2015)

"Great modification, everything perfect!"
Martin Schlitt (2015)

We consider the new Petri+Lehr website to be very professional. It radiates calm and understatement. Very well done!"

Reto Egli, AutoAdapt (2015)

."... Everything fits precisely. Now driving around is a real pleasure. My fear of not reaching the pedal fast enough with my feet has disappeared. Driving is enjoyable again.
Thank you so much for your great support!"

Monika Recken (2014)

"I know what I want. And I only wanted Petri+Lehr. It was just as I had imagined; no - it was even better! Extremely competent, super teamwork and a great atmosphere in the workshop. Everything functioned during the first rest run. Perfect!"

Andi Kapfinger (2014)


Dear Mr Widmann,

I have now been driving my new car for a few weeks.
The turning knob and the accelerator pedal extension that you fitted for me function wonderfully. Thanks in no small part to your outstanding work, I love using my new car.
With this letter, I would like to emphasize that the work was performed to my fullest satisfaction. I experienced at first hand your company's friendliness and professionalism. I would therefore like to thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart, especially Mr Hartmann, who gave me an appointment at very short notice to change the accelerator pedal extension.
I look forward to wholeheartedly recommending your company to other potential customers.

Aynur Uslu (2015)

"... I read through the information on your "Iceland Experience" project with great interest. In my view, your approach is a remarkable example of the fact that companies are also committed to implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ..."

German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Department Va 5 "Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Focal Point, National Action Plan" (2012)

"Everything just brilliant! Great team!"

Klaus Califice (2015)

"Top service - very quick and exhaustive advice by Ms Sponheuer!"

Brigitte Schmidt (2015)


"Das Autohaus rief mich soeben an und sagte, der Umbausatz sei angekommen. Schneller geht wirklich nicht! Toller Service. Ein ganz großes Dankeschön, bitte an alle weitergeben."

Berthold Schätzle (2015)

"The trip to Iceland in a car in Gunter's team has given me great self-confidence and also pleasure in driving a car in a slightly different way. As I was still very young when I had my accident, I had never previously had the opportunity to do anything similar as an able-bodied person. I loved the spirit of adventure while still having the feeling of being safe everywhere (keyword: wheelchair toilet) and not having to worry about anything. The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful and unusually natural, but being part of a team that had slowly grown together was best of all. I still think about the journey very often and how much self-confidence I gained in uncommon road conditions thanks to these exciting car journeys!"

Barbara Sima (2012)

"The MFD TOUCH is simply beautiful!"

Anne-Maria Zimmermann (2014)